Stronstrey again

Saturday 19th June
I got up early and decided to head over to Stronstrey having been pleasantly surprised this week. Time was short, but I had about an hour and a half. I got there at about 9:30 and walked up. The uphill is a killer at this place and as I was a little hungover it wasn't pleasant. I headed straight over to the traverse (Spanners - 6a+) as I wanted to get some footage of this.
In spite of it being a bit cooler, it felt a lot harder than the other day, but managed to get it done without falling off at the end this time. The middle move is enjoyable. Good problem.
Next I took a look at Cackhanded Compliment, but the off isn't that appealing without a spotter and anyway it felt nails still to me. Another r-man problem that eludes me...
David Vetter was looking tempting but those last couple of moves just look on-off. Striking line though. I didn't try it.
I then went over to the Mirth area. Mirth of the ducks looks high, but not untenable. Maybe one to look at with a couple of mats and a spotter.
I wanted to have a look at Squint, 6a which goes up the wall between the aretes. Initially trying to go straight off the undercut I eventually used the right hand finger pocket and the left sidepull which made it much easier to get to the break. From there it was one dynamic move and it was in the bag. Nice moves on the problem, really satisfying.
As I was in the area, I crushed Hands me up (5) and The Hoard (5+).
By this time I had to head back, only for the estate agents to cancel the viewing. bloody great, I could have stayed at Stronstrey for another couple of hours.
I've got a bit of footage of various Stronstrey stuff now, so I will try to put it together this week. As I've just installed PPro on my new machine I want to see if I can learn how to use it...

Monday I'm likely to be at Brownstones early for an hour before work if I can get up early enough. Fancy getting on Pond traverse again. we'll see.