traversey reversey

The mumbo Jumbo traverse is still up for grabs and I fancied going down there tonight. As I've had a very busy weekend I was feeling shocking at work. I reckon it's all down to sleep and not getting enough of it. Anyway were it not such a nice and sunny day I dare say I would have sacked it.
In the event, I forgot my shoes anyway an had just my leather office shoes. It's not a good look abseiling down with shoes on, so I opted for climbing. The line I've got my eye on will wait until later in the week, so long as noone nicks it.
Mann Junior was down tonight with Jason, looking at Clowns wall, and he climbed the left hand line on the overhang wall. It looks like a good problem at about 5b. He's also done another problem to the left of the tree on green wall, which is a very good problem that goes off a sharpish sidepull via a crimp to the half height shelf, then to another ledge via a matchstick crimp, at least 6b+ I'd say, if not harder. Great move, definitely one to get back on and do. Mann was looking at the overlap, which after an hour he reckons is 6c+/7a but he didn't get it done in the end. Very sequency. Robin needs to get down, he'd nail it I reckon.
Anyways, I headed over to the traverse. I've been working this for what seems like ages and I've made a breakthrough tonight. For the first time I got through the thin section. After that it's pumpy but it's all there, one more tricky move and it's just a stamina fest. I can now do the traverse in two sections. I reckon next time I'm down I'll do it, but it's long, you need to be fresh. The thing I like about this problem is that it's not obvious at first how to do it - there are lots of different type moves which makes the climbing really interesting. It doesn't seem at my limit in terms of difficulty, but you need stamina. Playing about at the end, the low version below the big shelf is possible too, but feels harder.

I'm getting the psyche back after having it knocked last week methinks. Soon be time to jump on CP again.