Nice afternoon trundling

Bank Holiday Monday.
This weekend I'd managed to finally get SD footage off the HV20 using WMM via firewire on the old crappy machine. What with moving house in the next 6 months, the computer purchase will need to be put on hold for more pressing concerns, so at least I will be able to make low res films with a view to re-doing them on a new machine. result.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was spent entertaining the old dear and me brother et missus who were up for the weekend, and also doing housey stuff.

As I'd managed to paint and sealant my way to domestic bliss on Sunday afternoon I negotiated a few hours on Monday afternoon for climbing related shenanigans. Based on recent informations I opted for a trundling session down at the secret place. My first thought was to ab off on the first section and clean a route or two for later in the week. When I got to the top of the crag however, the only thing in ths part to ab off is a couple of dodgy fence posts. Me no likey.
I went back down to the bottom to look for a likely route to trundle. As it happened there looked like an easy line to the left of another route i've done on the wall, the only thing stopping play was a large block directly in the line of the route, which looked very unstable.

I opted to solo Root route S, ab off and swing across which would get me to the top of the route. It's a good job I looked at the block, as the only thing holding it to the cliff was a small root.
With a spade behind it and a shove it was off.
I could now abseil the route and clear all of the other loose stuff, and brush off the holds which took a good hour. Not because it was long, but due to the fact it hasn't been looked at since the quarrymen left it! Back at the bottom of the route and after a couple of kit-kats I pulled my shoes on and climbed the route. I've named it Intended Arrival, Severe. Not a hard route by any means, but it's very enjoyable creating something new.