Newbiggin nice day out

Today in spite of skin issues I fancied getting out and after various discussions it was decided to head to Newbiggin, partly because of its child friendly nature. I got there earlier than I expected to and headed up to the crag. As I was scoping out the lower tier Gareth and Nik arrived with little people in tow. Once they were settled on the multi purpose trampoline/table/mat with various foods, peppers and sausages included, we had a look at the block in front of the crag. A great little boulder with several problems on it.
Now I don't know whether it's just me, but everything seemed nails. G and Nik were looking at the 7a+ roof on the right but apparantly that was feeling nails too. the only problem I did was a 5+ up the slab. most of the holds were pretty sharp which wasn't good on the skin. Nik was looking beastly on the 6a arete and other problems come to that.
Tom then turned up, not seen him in a while, and he's always keen so it was good to catch up. He was raving about Warton, I've still not been so I think I'll have to go sometime. He was looking strong on the traversey thing, but also got shut down, so we all de-camped to the fridge area.
G was keen to try the Fridge as he'd been on it before. Nik cruised it after not a lot of time, good effort for a 7b, this chap makes climbing hard stuff look alarmingly easy... G was looking good and after a couple of goes he crushed it too in spite of consummate tree dabbage, but we'll let him off as it was almost impossible to avoid! I tried to get footage of this but I think it'll turn out crap in spite being up a tree as it's really closed in with blocks.
Then we headed over to the ingleborough wall and tried the right hand side which felt easy until the top out which was a tough mantle. Didn't want to use the jug on the right as that made the problem pretty easy, but in the event neither Tom or myself did it, and I ended up taking a few falls that apparantly resembled a falling bag of concrete which amused me. Time to move on.
G crushed Slap Arete next, impressive, two 7bs in one session, very good effort. Nik then departed and we had a look at the wall to the right of Ingleborough wall. There are two 6as on this wall and after a bit of faffing I managed to get up both of them. They didn't feel too hard either, so I was pretty pleased.
g headed off for familial visits and I messed about on the boulders to the left. Tom then returned from the car with his guide and we walked round to farleton. I was keen to see the crag as I've not been before and from what I could see there are a few good looking lines, that is if I ever decide to put a harness on again.
Meant to visit the rose to see the tendon snapping hold and check out a couple of problems, but by the time we oriented ourselves, it was time to go. This place is due a revisit.
The downside to the limestone is that now, all the fingers on my left hand are split and sore, so it'll take a couple of days to sort them out...
So, this weekend, I've got up three 6as, a 6a+ and a 6b. Not bad all in all, and some great company and weather to boot. Who can ask fairer than that. I might do a vid tomorrow if I get round to it.