Jumbo Chumbo micro-route

Thursday 6th May

When I’d driven back from Bristol I went to Chumbo again. I’m starting to really like this place, It’s great to see others getting enthusiastic about it too. The idea was to look at the lines I’d cleaned on Tuesday. I was surprised to see Mr. Lee there again, trying the arête, but this would really be a hard line, and high too. There are just no holds! It would be bold…
After a short while Scott came down, and soon there were a couple of others. Geoff arrived shortly afterwards to look at his Project.
After slinging a rope down I dug off the rest of the corner and then went back over to the short crack. I finished cleaning it and got to the ground.
G was warming up on the project and was looking strong. With 4 mats and 3 spotters he was feeling more secure than Tuesday, and had his beta sorted. If only he can hold the swing it’ll go, but it’s a hard swing to hang.
After a while spotting I went back over to the short crack that I’d cleaned and climbed it. Another easy problem, VDiff and about 5 metres I think I’ll call it Golden Shot. Headbutt has climbed the wall between this and the next route to make a nice problem, maybe 4c. An enjoyable evening, all good stuff. I might pay a visit on Sunday if I can get over from York in time, although I’m on a stag do so this may well be up for being scuppered on Saturday night…


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