Jumbles Traverse crushed.

After yesterdays excitement I hadn’t particularly expected to be out early this morning, especially given it is Monday. The weather was looking good though and I was already fairly awake so I decided to head over to the Jumbles.
The aim was to look at the problem on the short wall that I’d cleaned last week, but although doing the first couple of moves, it still felt really bold with the crap landing, so I jacked it. I only had about 20 minutes left so I had a look at the long flat wall.
I’ve been working the traverse of this wall for a while. The hardest move comes right in the middle and although I could do all the moves I was having trouble linking the crux with the start and finish sections.
Anyway after a brief look at the holds, I could see that it was bone dry, a lot better conditions than last week.
I started climbing and everything just felt right, I seemed to be hitting the holds perfect each time, so when I got to the crux it felt easier than it ever has done. I managed to power through to the end which really took me by surprise!
It’s not particularly hard, it felt about font 6a ish, but I’m crap at grading these things, especially traverses so it may be easier or harder. It's got some really nice moves, I enjoyed it.
I’ve called it Tiny Feet Traverse English 5c/5c+ Font 6a ish.
If anyone repeats it, I'd appreciate any thoughts on the grade