Greasy McGreasyson

Choomly boombly isn't a crag that tends to get wet. There's a big canopy of trees overhanging the crag, and under normal circumstances you can climb on the long wall in the rain. It takes little seepage too, so it's a pretty good bet for being dry. As it hadn't been raining for ages, aside from a shower the other morning, and I wanted to get this bloody traverse done, I decided to head down.
This is in spite of reading this. To be honest I had it coming, but I found this strange wetness hard to believe.
When I got there I knew that it may be greasy but didn't think it would be too much of a problem. In the event, most of the holds were dry, but almost all of the crack holds were seeping, and the low foot ledges and crimps were all wet, even those seemingly nowhere near any seepage lines.
I decided to give it a go anyway, and after a couple of false starts I got through the crux, which came aa a surprise, and steeled myself for the stamina finish. On the next move I slipped straight off a juggy crack hold onto my arse.
The rock really was too greasy to get anything done so after a brief look at the overlap wall and a couple of other things, I headed off.
I suppose I could say the lesson to learn is to listen to the Lank, but I'd rather not give the satisfaction...


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