So there has been more action down at the Bumbly mumbles. Geoff Hibbert has climbed his project roof at about 6b which means I've got the green light to jump on it in spite of the alarming sounding waterfall behind it. Also the wiki is up and running thanks to Mr. Li and Mat has pulled together a nice map. All great progress.

Unfortunately though, my theory that if you ignore a problem it'll go away is proving fruitless. My neck, which felt like it was getting better yesterday, has got considerably more painful today. I woke up and could barely move my neck left or right without pain. I gave it an hour as I thought it might be early morning stiffness (excuse the pun) but it hasn't gone away.
It feels like a typical whiplash injury, or whatever they call it nowadays, which I've had before. The pain is located in the muscle on the left side of my spine from the neck to the top of the shoulder. I know it'll go away in time, but it's still extremely frustrating, especially as I'll be away all weekend. I was hoping to maintain the momentum.

I was planning to be climbing tomorrow but this now looks doubtful.

Why do I always seem to hurt myself when I'm making progress??