The rain today made for epic psyche failure. I had planned on heading over to Lower Montcliffe or some other hole in the ground with the G-man, but as it was drizzling until about 4pm it was looking pretty unlikely. I was stuck in marketing meetings most of the afternoon as well but instead of dying of tedium I just got more and more disinterested.
In the end, as it was also raining in Preston, and after consummate umming and ahhing I decided against heading to West View (sorry G) and bailed out to Broughton.
Shit session, wish I hadn't bothered.

I should be out on Friday night and at the weekend as I have a rare weekend left to my own devices. Let's hope I learn to climb before then.


  1. It turned into a lovely evening, but I stayed at home and drank wine.
    Let you know about Friday, partly depends on the results from tomorrow.

  2. Wish I'd done the same! Goodyo I'm up for anywhere on Friday, cheers


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