dig dig dig brush brush brush

Tuesday 4th May

Well today I finished work a bit earlier than I’d expected as I was getting nowhere with what I was doing and had an early morning on the next day.
I had an hour or so, so I went to the chumbly bumbly humbly for a short while. I slung a rope down the hand jam wall and abbed down. I dug off the top of the wall to extend the path a bit further round. This now means the off is fairly straight forward now and just involves a teeter round the tree and down the corner. The intention was to clean two lines I’ve been looking at, only short routes but look nice all the same. In the end it took so long to clean and brush them off that I didn’t have a chance to get on them.
As I was pulling my ropes, Hibbert arrived, or rather Mr. Esoterica , aka “the headbutt”. He was down to look at his project which looks hard although it looked as though someone had already been on it as it was chalked up. As I’d seen Mr. Lee leaving the crag as I arrived I suggested it may have been him, but it transpires that it was actually the ‘Broughton Copper’, Jason but he hadn’t done it.
Headbutt has spent ages on the problem, cleaning and trying it, it would really be an arse that nicks it from him, at least before he gives up…