Wilton 1. Good use of time.

Sunday 25th April 2010. Today was the clean up day at Wilton, part of the ongoing work happening there, and as I had the morning free I decided to head down and get stuck in. Les and a few other usuals were present,Dave Mann, Bernie, and faces I knew but didn't know the name of. I spent a couple of hours sawing down rhododendrons, picked a shit load of litter up, and then dug away overgrown heather at the bottom of grey wall. I saw a couple of interesting and as yet overgrown lines that may need exploring. One looks very hard indeed, not to mention high..
Les spent some time with a pick-axe hacking at the short arete opposite the main face. This was exploratory work to see whether it would be worth excavating this side to create a new face/boulder. Unfortnately the rock seemed to run out about a metre down, and further along is very broken anyway. Looks like this may be a dead end. However it would be great in the long term to get rid of what appear to be the spoil cones around the quarry, like the one to the left of the outside of the prow. What gets decided upon however remains to be seen.
The kestrel at the graveyard end is trying to nest, but is still being hassled by the ravens. There's a gang of four of them, the little bastards. Hopefully it'll be successful, but only time will tell.
All in all a lot of work was done, an as it was raining on and off I wasn't able to climb anyway. Good use of time.