Shoulder Injury - day 7 - pain score 2.0

It's been a week since wrecking my right shoulder. Finally I have reached a point where I would be ready to start some light climbing if I was so inclined. And if it wasn't raining.
From being ecruciatingly painful, through to a dull continuous ache with sharp pains I can now wake up without it hurting. Today, I also had no pain when leaning on my elbow in bed - it may sound like a small victory, but if I tried this even on Wednesday I would have had shooting pains from my forearm to my spine.
We're off to Font on Sunday and I can't wait. We're stopping off in Wellingborough at my parents on Saturday night and driving down on Sunday morning. That should give me two more days of full rest before loading it on Monday.
Climbing will be the real test. I'm certain that I've done damage to it, but how much remains to be seen.
Nevertheless I've started to compile a secret list (presumptuous, but hey.) Some targets could be as follows, or indeed none at all...
Marie Rose, Flipper, Les Joyeuses de Noel. Or indeed I may not try any of those - we'll see!
I'm looking forward to the trip and if I get anything done above the 6s I'll be very very happy.