rubbishy rubbishy.

Tuesday 13th April.

Yesterday I woke up early to glorious sunshine. I had planned on heading over to Healey with the Lanky Dab man and co., but in the event the combined drive and walk was a bit too far as I was somewhat skiving and needed to be in the office by 10:30 really. Wilton it was then. Again.
Today I decided to adopt a new strategy; treat everything as 4 grades easier than it is and therefore well within my capability and crank it out. i.e. pretend I was back in font, where I was burned off pretty much everything above 5+... Things didn't start off well. Firstly I noticed the bottom car park has seen the attention of fly tippers, just to add to the rest of the crap there. The whole area is looking shit at the minute.
When I got in the quarry I was disappointed to find a huge turd at the bottom of the Snakey B wall, along with a pair of socks and a some fag ends. Nice. Thanks, whoever that was. I removed the turd with a couple of big rocks and placed another rock on top of what was left, as it was right above the first foothold.
It was colder than I thought it would be as there was quite a breeze. Conditions however, were good and grippy. After a couple of false starts I got on the 6c+ version of Snakey B. I had planned to look at the left hand version but in the end decided on the straighter problem. I surprised myself by getting in a position with my right hand on the undercut, left hand on the small crimp. I should have thought about it a bit better really as my left foot was just flagging and I tried to get it high and left onto the big hold. This didn't work and I couldn't see the small crimp I should have used. Bugger. I flapped at the finishing jug and tickled it briefly before dropping off. This was encouraging though especially as it was a flash attempt. Unfortunately all subsequent attempts failed. The hardest part for me is the last move which just seems a bit out of control so far. Still, it was a nice pre-work outing and it'll get done soon. The holds that G broke a couple of weeks ago have consolidated nicely given his handy work, so good job. I finished early and managed to get back down by 4 o'clock. There was a lad doing laps on a shunt on Wipeout. After a few more fails I decided to test the shoulder out on the graveyard adn it seems to be holding up ok. I just need to continue with the exercises to strengthen it I reckon.
It looks like there were two sparrow hawks that are trying to take up residence at the graveyard end, but kept being mobbed by crows. They weren't happy at all, shrieking with dipping flight to chase them off. It was very entertaining. I think I'll bring my binoculars next time for between attempts (cue geek comments...)