I read on the Unmitigated Krap Channel (tm) that the project I've been trying has been climbed. The problem has been named Clowns Pocket (English 6b) and involves quite gymnastic highish bouldering around an overhang. Although I can't pretend I'm not a bit gutted, that's the nature of projects. Noone owns the rock or has bagsy over a problem. It was a good effort, and I still want to get it done, it'll still be a good route.

Doesn't mean I'm not pissed off I didn't get it done before though. Tonight to work off some steam I went over to Brownstones and met Kip and Andrew, Kip showed me a couple of problems that Darren had shown him on the Ash Pit Slabs. They're good little eliminates, and it's nice to try something new. Other than that I failed on Satisfying Sloper Problem again, as usual. I think I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact this is morpho, for me anyway.

Not sure why I'm posting this, All in all it's a bit rubbish really.