Font 2010 - day 2 - 91.1 and Cul de Chien

Monday 5th April

Taff hasn't been climbing much and Andy and Chris are relatively newish climbers so 91.1 seemed like the perfect venue to start with. I also needed to test out the damage I'd done to my shoulder so wanted to start really easy. I've been to 91.1 before and I love this place. the circuits are not too ballsy and the aspect is open so it tends to be nice and sunny. The girls got settled siting on a rock and after a celebratory chocolate eclair for the wife's birthday we started on the orange circuit. The shoulder was quite achey after a bit but I still managed to get quite a few of the problems done, the nicest of which was no.12 a slabby Font 4.

The guide we were using for the circuits was teh purple guide although when looking for the problems later on in the circuit none of the diagrams seemed to correspond - whether there were two circuits I don't know, but it was quite confusing though.
I had intended to try Flipper but I couldn't find it at all. This was really frustrating as I knew we wouldn't be heading back there. Although I think 6b would have been a bridge too far on day 1 especially with the shoulder in it's present condition it would still have been nice to have found it at least.

There were several nice problems and although the book didn't seem to correspond it was nice to just work through the circuit not necesarily knowing what grade the problem was. After a couple of hours we decided to have some lunch and head off to Cul de chien.
The Toit was surrounded by a group of people - being a bank holiday it was very busy. The only problem that I managed to get done of any note was a good 5/5+ problem on the red circuit opposite blue 47 (ish) - this consisted of a big dynamic move from two small slopers to a jug. Although it felt tough it was satisfying to get this done. The rest of the time consisted of playing around on some easy problems and eliminates.

The aim of the day which was to get the shoulder moving and not bugger it up too soon was achieved and I think I was deliberately not testing it too much. In retrospect I probably could have pushed it a bit further...

In the evening we needed to go shopping and so headed off to Nemours to Intermarche. On the way however the car seemed to have picked up a nasy sounding metallic sound in the rear left wheel. Especially at low speed it was very loud and sounded pretty serious. This was a problem as I hadn't beefed up on the recovery. A plan of action was required. In spite of not wanting to get shafted at a garage I asked the owner of the gite where they took their car - luckily I can speak fluent French. She pointed me in the direction of Villiers sous Grez, so I planned to drop the car off in the morning to get it seen to.