day 6 - Beauvais Nainville and relative success

When we headed out here the aim was to get anything done above 6. Of course a week before going the shoulder pretty much put paid to that plan, but nevertheless I felt hopefully that I'd at least get something done.
Basically I went with expectations of nothing but hopeful of something. In the event my rotator cuff injury has certainly impaired performance, but I still managed to get a lot done.
The final day in the forest was spent at Beauvais Est, for a couple of reasons. There are a lot of good easy ciscuits there, a blue and orange, but also a red circuit where I was able to push the boat out a bit. By this time I was feeling fairly ok in the shoulder and felt good. As it was the last day I didn't mind exacerbating existing injuries a little bit. Firstly we started on the blue circuit ticking La Chaufferette, Le pt'it coin, Le Boeuf sous le toit, Agoraphobie, Les Gros Bras, La Bidouille amongst others until starting on the red circuit - I was determined to clock up at least one 6a but it wasn't to be, maybe I just didn't get on one that suited me, but anyway. I had a good go at L'ouvre Boite and Blatte Runner but just didn't have the strength. However as a consolation I did tick Art Parietal 5+ and Le Folklo 5+ and came very close on Le Boeuf Carotte 5+ (although a lot on think 6a).
All in all I had a great time and Font is just such a good place to be - I have climbed considerably more and harder than I did last time and getting spanked is I guess par for the course. We climbed some classic easy routes but next time I think a more targeted visit is probably required.
Lots of HD footage was taken, but until I get my new computer later this year there's not much I can do, so watch this space folks!

grrrrrrr! gurnnnn you ugly sod!