Day 4 - day off - The catacombs.

Today was the mid-week rest day and to be honest I was pretty wrecked from the past two days so me and the wife decided to catch the train into Paris with a view to seeing the catacombs, one of the Parisian tourist attractions I hadn't actually seen yet. As if it was planned, the weather was actually cack, which was convenient - although later on it did clear up. We got to Paris about midday and went via the metro to the catacombs and after some lunch we joined the end of the lengthy queue. It went down pretty quickly though and after about 45 minutes we were at the door. It was all a bit sombre being surrounded by several hundred thousand if not million skulls and bones but really interesting too. Afterwards we walked along the Seine and sat down by the river watching the bateaux touristiques going by near the Ile de Cite. It was really nice to visit Paris again as it's been a while since we've been.

We had to be back fairly early to pick up the car from the garage. The final bill came to 350 euros. ouch. but the back brake had been replaced and the hand brake had also been repaired. Just one of those things I think. I'd rather that than be driving with dodgy brakes, especially with the wife and other people in the car...


  1. You should try one of those reliable Deutsche Wagen ;-)


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