Craig Y Longridge

Thursday 22nd April 2010
Originally I was supposed to be heading over to Stronstrey Bank to spot GCW on his project, but as he nailed it last night (David Vetter, 7a+, nice medical reference...) I suggested heading over to Craig Y longridge for some unrelenting steepness. G seemed keen, but Taff has a knackered arm and Tom was incommunicative.
I got there about 6 and wandered down to the crag. The weather was great, nice and sunny, not too cold. the good thing about CYL is that it is in the shade anyway, so should make a good hot weather venue. I've not been there for nearly 2 years so I was expecting to get spanked.
There were quite a few people there and I noticed that since I was last here they've fenced off about 5 yards back along the entire crag, and the chalets that had just bases when I was here last are now fully built and had people in. The view was much better before they built these monstrosities, but at least the future of CYL is now secure.
I warmed up on some of the easy problems on the left of the crag before G arrived. I then flashed Seven A (Font 6a), I thought I'd done this problem but looking at my log it appears I've not actually done it before so I was quite pleased to do it first go, I must be doing something right.
I then tried Bomb Squad, a font 6a+ next door, but couldn't hold the top. The moves up were good, and I was latching it, but kept swinging off. One to finish off.
Then GCW and the other guys there were looking at a 7c Vickers eliminate which just looked plain evil, involving a crap sidepull move up to a sloping crimp. A couple of them were looking strong on it, but I don't think there was success.
As I was getting shut down on anything above 6a I decided to jack it and work the Kiss the razors Edge traverse. This at Font 7a could be a realistic aim for this year if I can get up to Longridge a bit, so I'll add it to the list.
After bumbling around aimlessly for a bit I cut it, and went home.
All in all not bad, but I really need to get Broughton fit before I head back again, the place really sorts out the weak from the strong. Unfortunately I think I fall into the former catagory!


  1. Isn't Kiss the Razor's Edge font 7a, 6c English grade.
    And the Vicker's Eliminate is 7c ;-)


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