bits and bobs but nothing really

Tuesday I had an hour before tea so popped down to Chumbly Jumbly for a brief totter on the rock. after a bit of traversing, I repeated my dyno as a double which felt nicer than going with the right. Then I got onto Clown's pocket, the overhang, and got easily to my previous high point, but it's definitely going to be a pop for me, as I just can't reach the right hand crimp. I'll need to tape my left fingers as the pocket is really sharp. The crag is looking better in general.
Wednesday I did nothing as I didn't get back from work until 10:45 pm...rubbish.
Today, Thursday, as I was late back last night, I decided to head out somewhere before going to work. The plan was initially Brownstones, if not then Snakey B wall, Wilton 1. I got up to Brownstones at about 8:45 and the weather was not great, that drizzly crappy non-rain that you tend to get on the moors.
I went in the quarry anyway on the off chance that something was climbable, but alas it was all wet. This was a shame as I was keen to get back on Verdinand.
Wilton it was then.
Before heading down into Wilton 1 I wanted to have a quick look at 'Common Knowledge' in Wilton 3. I've always thought this looks like a good problem and I wantedd to see if it was viable. The landing is a bit worrying as it's uneven, but I guess if it's padded out and with spotters it should be ok. Might be worth a visit when the weather gets better.
After this i went down to Wilton 1 to see if anything was dry. The Snakey B wall was still pretty dry even though by this point it was raining. Virtually nothing else was dry. After warming up, I had a bash at the LH problem. I've not been on this for a few weeks, and consequently have forgotten the beta. I ended up getting my right hand on the small crimp above the overhang with my left hand still on the big hold. This felt good, but I couldn't move off the crimp and I thought the next move was straight to the jug, whereas you can use the next crimp. Aaaargh Bugger Bugger Bugger.
Psyche was severely ebbing in the inclement weather anyway, so I moved onto SB as it should be done, and quite quicky got to a standing position under the overlap. I just cannot for the life of me move up above that. Think it might be all about the left foot. Good effort Mr Mueller, this is bloody tricky.
Tonight I was supposed to be going back to Brownstones, but as it continued to piss it down I opted for a visit to Broughton with Ste. Not a bad session was had, working our way through as many of the problems up to 5c as possible. managed to flash 2 5cs as well which, bearing in mind they came at the end of the session, it wasn't bad.
pah. It felt as though I've done nothing today, but actually a probably have. hmm.