Bastard traffic and brief Brownstones session

I set off this morning at ten past seven which under normal circumstances would have got me to Brownstones just before half past seven. The idea was to carry on with what I started last night. In the event, some cretin decided to roll his van on junction 6 of the M61 taking out two lanes, so the traffic was horrendous getting through Westhoughton. What should have taken about 4 minutes at that time of the morning took 50. I ended up getting to Brownstones at about 8:15.
Not Happy.
Ironically there were temporary traffic lights 100 yards before Brownstones, just to add to the annoyance!
Anyway that left me with only 20 minutes before I had to leave for work.
I jumped straight on the POnd traverse, taking it from watery arete as the pond side is still a little mushy. Much to my surprise I managed to get round mantelstrug to two step first go - this part has always been fairly tricky for me, but today it felt easy.
After that, I had a look at Verdinand. I've always been a little reticent to try this problem as it's so close to the wall and therefore it has always felt a bit intimidating. Anyway it's on the list, and as I need to get it done I had a look at the first move. This felt really dynamic at first, but once I'd warmed up and got used to the movement I could static it without too much bother. Getting to the crimps half way up the wall is definitely progress, but all I could see from there is a tiny matchstick edge to the right, which felt nails!
Looking at the wiki it looks like there's a higher pair of crimps I need to get. Pulling up on these is no doubt the crux though...
Progress on both the Pond traverse and Verdinand methinks.
Not bad for 20 minutes.

Crag X tonight for an hour, if I can escape work...