Snakey B stuff

Tuesday 23rd March. The weather forecast for today was atrocious, and lived up to all expectations. The rain started to fall at about 2:30 and got steadily worse. I knew that the Lankster was out and about and asked him to let me know the Wilton 1 conditions if he happened to be in the area. Luckily after a trip up to Nik’s neck of the woods he decided to pop over to finish off Snakey B without the crimp and reported back that conditions were dry in spite of the rain. I was amazed as there was quite a bit of rain, but as it was coming from the West and the wall is ever so slightly overhanging, the wall wasn’t wet at all.
I was psyched to get back on the Snakey wall. I’d not done much bouldering in Wilton, except at the graveyard end, but I’m really enjoying it at the moment so felt like I need to capitalise on this.
I got straight on to Snakey B with the intention to look at using the small crimp that I’d overlooked the other day. The start is easy, and getting the big slopey sidepull with the right hand is even not too bad, but I find it really awkward to get a high left foot and then go for the crimp. This move just seems off-balance. It seems a lot purer to go from matching the big slopey sidepull and then just using the undercut. This, however is too hard for me at the moment.
I’d noticed that the large finishing hold had been torn off by G-mans superior strength and sheer power – by all accounts though, the fall could have been a lot worse as he didn’t even hit the mat on landing – see this.
The result of today is that SB might have to wait a bit. I reckon though that I could get the easy version of SB done if I put my mind to it, and then there’s always the traverses. I might get a chance to head down tomorrow but as I’m working in South Wales it all depends on the journey back up…