Went to Wilton 1 even though it was pissing it down. I didn't think that I'd get anything done because of the rain, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the SB wall was still dry. The idea was to test out the finger.
I managed to get baby Fae (6b/c) on tape and also after drying the holds I also got 5.2%abv (6b+) on tape from a standing start. Thing is I can't work out how to get the footage off as I need to upgrade my computer, so I'll have to save it up for an edit later in the year...

The finger swelling has gone down somewhat and now feels ok even after climibng on it today. Think it'll be fine.

It looks like the hold that GCW broke off yesterday could do with being treated as it's quite sandy and fragile. It looks like it'd be susceptible to crumbling.
Clocks go back this weekend, roll on the summer!