West view

Today was west view day today. Today. I had told chunk I was heading down and he seemed keen, so arranged to meet him when I finished work. He was late and I still hadn't done everything I need to get done before norway, but what the hell, Preston was calling, fuck work. I was a bit keen today to look after the finger as it didn't feel good at all yesterday and each time I flexed it today it twinged. It actually fared a lot better than I thought it would.

We started off with some rope action as s-man was keen for the rope and it proved to be a good warm up although the grading at least on the 'blue' Walls seems a little off, either that or I can flash 6b+ from a standing start...
After that we hit the bouldering. S-man ws keen to keep the action around the v2 level as it's been ages since he's been climbing, but after a bit of encouragement he made it u a v3, a Stirling effort after such a long lay off.

The beard man and lanky-dab turned up eventually, pah, and set to work on the crush. We all then reverted to type: beardy crushing everything in sight; lanky-dab generally crushing by using the LANK method; and me just trying, to climb, sort of.
Mr at-work was looking particularly good crushing a V8+ with apparant ease (flash?) even cutting loose on the hideous last move. G-man was also looking good on the V6s and 7s. Good preparation for the imminent stronstrey crush, which will no doubt be soon.
As for me I crushed the White V4/5 after some consummate faffing and tried the black next to it. Much to my surprise I got to the last move on the flash attempt, but then failed on that every time... I think it'll go down next time though.

All in all a pretty good week, climbing wise. Now I've got week off in Norway with the wife: snow mobiling, husky sledding, reindeer sleighing, northern lights watching and general snowy cold based fun. A diet of reindeer and fish for a week, I can't bloody wait!