surprise Broughton session and finger flare up

I was supposed to be going out for dinner tonight,but in the end that was cancelled,so I decided to head down to broughton for a session. It was as cold as ever and it took a while to warm up. I warmed up on a few easy problems and then attacked the 5cs. Last year I found this was pretty much my limit but today they seemed easy. I flashed the first two or three and took a couple of go's on the next one. So I went on to try a few 5c+s. Much to my surprise it only took a few go's to climb two of them.

I've noticed a slight improvement in my climbing since taking a different approach. Instead of just trying the same beta over and over again, each time I fail I've been trying to change a foothold or body position to work through the problem more systematically. It seems to be helping anyway...

Last year I damaged my finger on a problem at widdop, more than likely a partial tendon tear. Tonight is the first time it has flared up since the autumn. Although I don't think it's too bad it is still throbbing a bit and is now fairly painful. It's just on the first finger joint of my middle finger and I think it was possibly exacerbated by the fingerboard on Monday.