Demise of the flake

I went down to Brownstones this morning primarily to have a look at Satisfying sloper. I'd worked late last night and I was working from home this morning so I had a bit of time before I got stuck into work. The temperature in the van was -0.5 so conditions should have been perfect. I always forget how waterlogged Brownstones gets in the winter, virtually all of the Pond Area was full of water, and pretty green.
The good thing is that most of the vegetation has died back and you can see the rock for what it is (or something).
Disappointingly, both the low crimp on S.S.P. and the higher, slopey crimp were wet. It appears that this part of the wall is the only seepage point in the rock, so I'll need to get back on it after a few dry days.
I went round to the Nexus area and was dismayed to see that the big flake from Nexus has finally dropped off, it appears to have been dragged out of the way. This will almost certainly affect the difficulty of Nexus Dyno 6b+ (on my 2010 list), Lancashire PotHot 6c (Also on list), Nexus Right 6b, The triple double 6c, and maybe a couple of other eliminates
I guess the recent freeze/thaw cycles have taken their toll..
Anyway, I messed about on the low Ash Pit traverse for a while, After a few goes I managed to do most sections, but couldn't link them in one go (I'm blaming the seepage again...) but seeings as I haven't been on real rock for a while it wasn't bad, I pottered about on a few things before coming away. I think I'll add a couple of the Unjust eliminates to the list as they look good quality.