arctic adventures

Well, we made it back to blighty in spite of the inch of snow in Manchester and 24 hour delay in Finland. Still, they made it comfortable and put us up in a nice hotel for our troubles.

Our trip to Finland took us 300 Km into the arctic circle , and as such it was rather chilly, reaching -45 degrees at times (!). Thie usually resulted in nose hairs freezing immediately you go outside, and eyelashes developing ice shortly after.

The scenery was fantastic aand it really is such a magical place, the snow was 6 ft in a lot of places, but the reason we went was to see the Northern lights. We were not disappointed, and on the second day they appeared. We subsequently saw the lights on another four nights.

Aside from that we went husky sledding, which was fantastic albeit very bumpy, and snowmobiling, snowshoeing and reindeer sledding. I could rabbit on all day about how good it was, but instead I've opted to put some photos up. Hope you enjoy them.