8 weeks till Font...

Headed over to Preston last night for a bit of Apres work climbage. I managed to finish pretty much on time, and planned on meeting the G-man and Nik a bit later, so I opted for a swim first. As the west view pool was shut until 7 I headed over to Fullwood, and swam for about 45 minutes.
I thinks this was clearly a bad tactic.
I got to West View and could barely climb anything hard! I was losing strength really quickly and sweating like a pig, but this could also have been brought about by not really eating much in the day, and then swimming, and then climbing. Next time I could do with loading up a bit more on carbs...

G and Nik arrived about 8 and started to crush, Nik especially seemed to be all over everything up to V8, although G was no slouch hitting a the V5s and v6s. If he was just a few inches shorter he'd be so much better! In brief many problems were ascended above V5
West View has been reset, and there are a few good problems there, Mr Vickers having done himself proud again.

I managed to flash most of the V4s I attempted , but again seem to hit a brick wall with the V5s. Annoyingly I seemed close to getting the V4/5 white on the left overhang but by this time I was flagging. This will definitely go down next visit though, just seemed like an awkward last move. also I think the awkward black will, and the pink...maybe.
All in all a good session in good company, can't wait to get outside a bit more, a Widdop hit might be in the running next week.

In general the regime definitely seems to be working, the abs/core seems to be getting quite a lot stronger and It feels like I've lost weight or if not, the fat is turning into muscle!