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This week so far I have been to such illustreous places as Milton Keynes, Maidenhead, Portsmouth, Havant, High Wycombe and Daventry. Although not strictly in that order.
However, no matter how much I seem to travel the country impressing the associated dangers of using Lead acid traction batteries, the infinite capacity for human stupidity knows no bounds.

hint: if it's pissing acid everywhere, there's probably something wrong...

Aside from the frustrations of dealing with various grades of Monkey, I have actually managed to get some climbing done this week.

Monday saw a visit to Craggy island in guildford. They seemed intent on checking I could belay and tie into my harness, in spite of just going to boulder, but I guess it's their insurance company's beef.
The bouldering is spread over one three sided section about 10 - 15m wide. after warming up on the auto-belay (I'm still not too convinced about those things) I flashed a couple of the 6as and managed to get up a 6b, overall the grading seemed fair enough. I did some pull ups and traversing and then I mucked around on the woody for a bit, which is actually very good and quite varied.

Tuesday I found myself in Wellingborough and after dropping into my brothers for a cuppa I paid a visit to the parents as I happened to be working nearby. I also went swimming and managed to do a mile in a crap time of 45 minutes due mostly to having to meander past the inordinate amount of pubescent boys that seemed to be everywhere.

Wednesday I finished early and shot up the M6 as fas as my little van could carry me to get to West view. Managed to get there by about 4ish and was basically crap. I think I was wrecked from craggy and swimming. I did however flash a few of the V4s I'd not done. my V5 of the week was the cow oposite the cave, I can do all the moves except the move off the tit, to the sidepull. Didn't do it. again. pish.

Anyway, that's half the week down, tomorrow I'll probably be swimming, the campaign to lose the tyre is picking up pace...
and also I think I need to add some sloper holds to the foot-off board in preparation for Font, otherwise I'll be weak as shite.


  1. That cow V5 is odd, it all feels easy until you try to link it. That move to teh sidepull felt hard to me as it's a bit cramped for those of normal height.
    See you there sometime.


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