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Not done too much recently, West View, swimming, West View, Swimming. However a recent Sheffield visit saw me heading to the works, I can pretty much flash most of their 6as although find the 6bs fairly tricky... definitely feel like I'm getting stronger though. Jerry Moffat was there, although he wasn't climbing, more chilling with a large group of Sheffield-ites on the competition wall. I felt as though I really should recognise some of them. They were being rather boisterous, it must be said.

Incidently I have somehow lost 6.6lb over the last couple of weeks and I'm starting to look less round and feel more fit. A combnation, surely of the combined CV and climbing sessions.

Anyway, this isn't important. It will soon be 2010 and I anticipate my climbing activity for 2009 has ceased, what with visiting relatives I dare say I won't now get the opportunity to crush the remaining problems on the list. It would be a phenomenal week if I did, let's put it that way...

So what will 2010 hold for me? Maybe my narcissistic tendencies will wane in 2010. Alternatively maybe my incessant navel-gazing will continue into the new year, you'll have to stay tuned for the triumphs and disappointments to reveal themselves in due course.

So, happy Christmas, have a good New Year, and all luck for the crush in 2010!