Work, Font, and West view

Work has been mad busy of late, I seem to be away almost every week so keeping any consistency with climbing is proving challenging. Add to that restaurants, beers and pub grub that comes along wth working away and it's a recipe for becoming a fat worse punter. The upside is I sometimes get to different walls or crags, but only if I finish early normally.

However, all of this needs to change, as I have now booked the gite for next years Font trip - woohoo! YYFY! I've not been for a couple of years, so it's about time. 5 definites so far and I quite fancy getting a van and bombing it down instead of faffing about with planes and hire cars.
Randomly, it's the same week that GCW, Nik and some others are going, although being the school holidays I guess there was a good chance. It would be good to get a few of us for a crushing session.
So, this is just over 4 months away, which means I've got to get fit over Christmas ready for Font. As well as this, I need to start compiling a hitlist of problems I want to get done... things to think about.

On a different note, managed to get to West View this afternoon, and flew up the V4/5salmon problem that was giving me problems last week - Still can't get up any of the V5s yet, although I feel like I'm making progress and it must be doing some good. Bring on the cranking!