tick tick tick!

No, unfortunately not ticking of problems, rather time.
Time, the inexorable ticking of time.

Well, it truly is now the indoor season. In the week at least, and especially in this rain. Time to get strong for the briefest window of opportunity for any outdoor crushage. I still have quite a bit of work to do if I am to work my way through this years list, especially when you bear in mind there are only 7 weeks or so before the end of 2009...
The last week or go have not yielded great things from Mr Ginns, in spite of hopeless yet optmistic aspirations, however there does, at least, seem to be some regularity to climbing which may or may not translate into crushing prowess at some unspecified point in the future.
Another two sessions at Broughton have confirmed my current competency at around 'broughton 5c+', which I like to think is approximately V12, but alas I dare say it is slightly less... The last 3 sessions I have reached this point which if nothing else is consistent.
Tonight I had a very brief visit to West View as I had an hour to kill before going to collect an inordinate amount of climbing books (don't ask), and I'd also heard of recent improvements. The left hand wall now sports a new lead wall and the bouldering has been extended to under the cave - it's turning into a nice place to climb now, with plenty of variety. If WV is any guage on how I'm climbing currrently, I could flash most V4s, but found the V5s quite tricky. After this it seemed to be a real wall past which I could not move.
so there you are, bouldering indoors is an evil necessity, one of those things that does pay dividends in the end I suppose, but evil all the same.

On a slightly different note, as I speak almost 13 people have viewed this blog, so I plan to hold a 'double figure' party at the weekend, very exciting - do you people not have anything better to do with your time?! wait till I reach 20!!

I've now got a download of between the trees which I'm saving for viewage on Friday night with a beer and the DVD is on the way (can't wait!). Major bigups to Uncle Bradders, feedback so far has only been positive. Definitely psyche material for the planned Easter visit to Font. Hopefully this weekend will also bring some good luck by way of the weather, after the deluge recently, but I don't hold out much hope. If so however, a trip to Thorn is on the cards, Burnt Heather and Elemental are both going down....