Preston - not bad, not good.

Went to Preston tonight, as I'd planned to meet G-man and Nik was coming along too. I arrived earlier than I anticipated and started off by traversing around the vertical walls to warm up, spending quite a long time warming up - this was because when I came to West View last week I didn't warm up at all and was beasted after 45 minutes. After warming up I tried a couple of the V3s, which felt easy, so thought i'd work my way through the V4's - I managed to get through all but 2 of the V4s flashing about half of them. I moved on to the V5s one by one, but really couldn't touch them. G and Nik turned up after a while and were both up for bouldering. G's mate Felix was there too. G and Nik both warmed up on a couple of easys and then started to crush - V6s, 7s and more, pretty impressive. I feel the need to train... Nik especially seemed to beast everything in site and G was no slouch.
I flailed about for a bit on some more V5s getting absolutely nowhere except more frustrated.
Conclusion: 1) it's good climbing with people that are better than you, as it adds to the psyche and 2) next time I need to start on the V5s before I'm bloody knackered.


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