Off day off

Sunday I went to Thorn crag. I was on me tod as everyone else seemed to have better things to do than walk uphill for half an hour with rain imminent, but anyway I decided to head up there to crack the two lines on the list, Elemental and Burnt Heather. The hangover was fairly readily despatched by the walk in, which is still as brutal as it's ever been, but the sun was really trying to burn through the clouds. The great thing about Thorn crag is that it really is pretty desolate. The moorland setting is awesome, and as luck would have it the visibility was great, the sea was in clear view, twinkling in the far off sunlight. There were a few game birds flitting about in flocks, but apart from that, there was not a soul in sight. It had been raining on my way up the M6 which didn't bode well, but by the time I reached the crag it wasn't as damp as I thought. the rock however was wet. This was ok by my book as a rest was the order of the day. The hangover was coming back with a vengeance, refusing to budge.

I started off with Slab run, a classic font 3 to warm up on, easy yet satisfying even in the wet. Ater about an hour the rock started to dry out, so I took a look at Burnt Heather. I've tried this on and off over the last year or so, the problem being pretty much at my limit. It seemed impossible at first as I just couldn't get the first slappy move. However after a few goes I could attain the sloper every go - I had my left foot in the centre of the wall, left hand in the pocket and right in the groove and could pull up to slap the sloper. Unfortunately this was about as far as I could get. I did match the sloper but couldn't move off it.
This highlighted a recurring problem: upper body strength. I just don't really have any, that i can rely on anyway. I feel as though I made progress, but still haven't crushed...

Next, after doing a few easy classics I went over to Elemental, a really aesthetic roof/lip traverse. I last tried this in February and this time was no different. I can traverse the lip fairly easily, getting to the crack, but after that I find it really hard to match well wnough to slap up right - one to come back to. It didn't help that I wasn't fresh. I think with some psyche and no hangover it'll go. Shortly after that it started to rain, so I decided to call it a day.
Oddly enough on the way down I saw two dead rabbits which looked very much like they'd been shot. a bit eerie when you consider how lonely the place is. Good day, but I feel I could have made more of it.