Broughton non-power.

Went to Broughton after work today for the first time this winter. The first of many no doubt. as I expected, the wall was still as steep as it ever was, and just as unremitting, or should I say unrelenting. I have no idea whereabouts I am in terms of the wall as it has been so long since being there, so I decided to work my way through the grades to see how I would fare. Starting at 5a,5a+,5b,5b+,5c, I got to 5c+ and couldn't get any further. Not altogether disappointing. Especially bearing in mind you can add a grade or two to bring it in line with other walls in the area...
I can't expect to be at the top of my game having done relatively little climbing indoors this year. One thing I did notice was a significant lack of stamina.

Give it a month however, and it'll come back I'm sure.

It's a hard task-master but pretty much the best wall in the North west...

Proper old skool.