Widdop trad

I know you're all desparate to see the boopers crush, but although the vid has been edited and is ready to rock, my lack of knowledge regarding prem pro means that the file size is 366 meg, quite a lot for a minute and a half methinks... so until I can devote the time to working out how to re-render it in a smaller file size you'll have to wait.

aha ha ha haha

anyway on a slightly different note, i went out climbing early this morning as the weather was good, and Taffa fancied getting some ropework done. We headed to Widdop in the Big White Van and did a couple of routes on the Mystery buttress (original route I think and some sort of VS to the right...) the former was desparate, and involved some god-awful crawl akin to more speleological activity, but good value really and the second was much more straight forward. Although I've been thoroughly bouldering based recently it was kind of nice to be back on a rope, and the craic is always good. I guess it just reminded me of how much I just enjoy a chilled out day of easy routes...