Well as I was working in Nottingham, I thought I may as well check out the local climbing centre. After a chat and a cup of tea at Andy's house, I was on the way. First thing to say is that Notts climbing centre is not an easy place to find. Having got myself lost even with the satnav and blackberry maps. It happens to be tucked away in the back end of a new housing estate. No wonder it wasn't easy to locate.
First impressions are that it's smaller than I thought. there is plenty of variety for the boulderer even though the grading takes a litle while to get used to, very little roping. The cellar board looked awesome, but that was reserved only for members. Didn't get that really, unless they funded it themselves of course.
I expected to see Bernie and John down there, but they didn't turn up in the end. I got lots of problems up to brit 6a done, as well as a monster traverse around the entire wall (well, in sections!).
Pleasant evening, nothing of note.