Low Break Traverse crushed!

The weather was nice, so I left a meeting early and headed down to Brownstones with the target of either the low break traverse or satisfying sloper. The conditions felt pretty greasy actually and the crag was caked in chalk although I'm not surprised given the weather has been good for over a week. No doubt the rain will clear that next week. After a few false starts I got the sequence I was using last time I tried this, and with no warm up almost got the step through. The feet were sorted, so it was just a case of sorting out the balance and standing up on the good feet.
On about the fifth go I got to the ledge - then it was the second half, and I realised I'd never actually tried it! Anyways, it's just a couple of burly moves however I got to the last smear with the right foot and promptly fell off...

After a 5 minute rest I got straight back on and nailed it -

Another one in the bag!

Here's the shit vid, starring Jim Holmes too... really need an HD cam...


  1. The legend that is Holmes demonstrating No Step!
    Does he look at his watch at 1:30? :-)

  2. ha! I didn't notice that! To be fair I was doing my usual faffing! He's on the 6b two step eliminate


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