How to aggravate an injury in 3 easy steps.

Some people get tired of good climbing fitness, so aggravating that injury you've not quite recovered from is the perfect solution! It is simple with this easy guide!
Step 1.
Don't warm up.
This is an important ingredient if you want the injury to flare up as much as possible - warming up will only prevent injury which, as pointed out above, is not the aim of the game!
Step 2.
Get straight on the problem that caused the injury
Possibly the most effective way of exacerbating any strain as this focuses directly on the weakness you're targeting. Combined with bad technique and greasy conditions, you can accomplish reslts in minutes!
Step 3.
Flog the problem
Determination is key to success, so keep going until you get results! If you're not crying, you're not trying!!

I went to Widdop today and strained my finger again. Arrived at the crag to look at Pickpocket's crack and splashdown, and instead found an inordinate amount of fog. Unsurprisingly the rock was slick and it was quite warm too. still, this cleared gradually although a lot of the problems were still damp for quite a while.
I Repeated a few of the problems from last week, and then strained the finger. Got them on tape although they look crap so I've not done a vid. Here's a picture of some sheep instead.

TO top it off, the car blew a tyre on the motorway on the way back...


  1. You prat.
    Rest the finger and do some Ice treatment.
    See you at Brownstones.


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