I don't think I've had the psyche of late, so I decided to head over to Cadshaw quarry to see if flailing on the hardest problem on the list would help the situation. I left work at 7 minutes past 5 and managed to fight my way through the traffic to get to the crag in about half an hour. Time was short, hence the objective. There was still a lot of water in the ground and the run-off left puddles all along the path. The ground is saturates, the crag however was bone dry, and a warm up in the little quarry was the order of the day. This consisted of traversing the length of the crag leftwards from the pond.

Midges. When do the critters finally die? It must be soon, surely. Lancashire must be the midgiest county in England. There must have been a dearth of blood in the area as well as they all decided to congregate around my head and try to eat me. It started whilst I was warming up.
Whilst wandering over to the main quarry I realised I really need to do more cardio to shift the tyre I seem to have developed. As I rounded the corner I was surprised to find that all the holds on 'Brian Jacques' were chalked up. Someone must have been on it in the last 24 hours given the rain that has fallen. I put my shoes on and tried the problem. The first move proved a lot easier than it initially appeared, and the next move looked tricky. After a while I think I've worked out a sequence that I'm happy with - a little more time and this doesn't seem out of my grasp - something positive in spite of not completing.

Another 10 mins and I couldn't take any more of the midges, so I adjourned back to the car, and made my way home.


  1. Let me know when you're going again, quite fancy giving that a go.


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