Cadshaw grease

The weather has recently started turning a little cooler and so it seemed appropriate to head back to Cadshaw to take another look at Brian Jacques, especially after Gareth's succcess the other day.
It didn't start off well as I left the chalk bag in the car, but I'd already got my shoes on in the small quarry. Still, I thought running back to the car and back would make for a good warm up, and I needed my water too. Running out of the quarry however did rather startle the woman walking two little Westies! (quite amusing actually)
I warmed up by traversing for a bit before going to the main quarry.
Funnily enough all of the midges had gone from the other day, I guess they're starting to die in the cold nights. Not a bad thing.

Bearing in mind this is the hardest problem on the list, I felt quite positive, and I could get the first move fairly easily. Bearing in mind this is the easiest move however it's not really saying much!
I quickly realised that GCW's beta would be totally impossible for someone of my stature! The heel hook on the second move really worked though as I was toeing it previously. The only problem was the conditions - the rock in spite of being cooler was still kind of greasy and I kept on slipping on the right crimp before I could properly get established on the left foot. Unfortunately I kept getting shut down. Some progress, but this one might be a longer term proj if I'm honest. Time to hit the others before getting back on this in the winter I think!