Brownstones and wrist

Short version:
Dropped in at Brownstones after work but didn't get anything done.
Long version:
Dropped in at Brownstones after work for a bit and as the weather was relatively settled I expected to see a few people. Although there were a couple of people about when I got there, by 6 I had the entire place to myself, unusual really. pretty much went straight over to Satisfying sloper after warming up on some easys round the pool. Wasn't sure how the left wrist would fare on the diagonal crimp, but actually the 4 days complete rest seem to have sorted it out - although I could feel it, it wasn't an issue too much.the right foot is bigger than I remember and although I slapped the sloper about 15 times made absolutely no more progress on it. In retrospect I think I need to be more static as I'm using one dynamic move from the high right foot which makes holding the sloper really hard. Anyway, excuses really.
Got bored of this so I went over to have fun on Nexus dyno. I quite like dynos although I just can't seem to get the timing on this one - I did come fairly close, but unfortunately no cheese. See the failure vid below...
I then went over to Boopers and got to the break easily, which took me by surprise and my consequential faffing preceded falling off. Having said this I'd prefer a spotter anyway for the top moves, but then that's just me being a poof again. I then opened a flapper on my right index finger so went home.
Fewer midges than last week which is excellent and cooler conditions are starting to come, I can't wait for the autumn to kick in properly,..!


  1. You call that a flapper? This is a flapper...... :-)


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