Local crashing

ok, so I've not crushed any aims yet, and there's nowt much of interest to report, but in the spirit of at least keeping a track of what I've been up to here's what I've been doing recently: a few recent sessions at Brownstones have yielded some good progress, I've linked all of verdi wall which is actually pretty easy really, and so I've climbed all of the Pond Traverse in sections, and just need to work up the stamina to blast it off in one.

good progress on Safisfying sloper problem - using the same sequence GCW uses, I can get into a good position to go for the pop to the sloper, but I find it a really long reach - it's been pretty sweaty though each time I've been down (haha excuses). Harder than 6a?? I think it might be slightly morpho inasmuch as if you're under 6 foot it's a long reach. Anyway, I've slapped the sloper (once) but not latched. It should go soon though, and the move is good.

This week I also managed a visit to Cadshaw quarry with the aim of getting some mileage under the belt. I was with a few friends and although nothing in the quarry is particularly hard, the quality of the rock is excellent. A lot of the lines are highball and it was good to push the comfort zone as I've never been a highball man.

Today was supposed to be crush-satisfying-sloper day but unfortunately the sister in law had a car crash, so this afternoon was spent in A&E - shock, whiplash and a written off car was the order of the day - could have been worse, luckily no long term damage done... Anyhow there's plenty of time next week so I don't care. Tomorrow should be Baslow for a day of soloing and maybe some bouldering on the eagle stone - as long as the rain stays off!