Healey slab

After torrential rain overnight the Healey Nab trip wasn't looking on. The sun came out however and after an afternoon of scorching temperatures it dried everything up nicely for the afternoon. Got there about half five, parking at the shorter walk. I was meeting Carl and Taffa but they were running late so I decided to walk in. I took a look at this place last year in the rain and I'd been meaning to get back. It was disappointing to see there was quite a lot of litter, which wasn't good as the place is already esoteric without being littered with rubbish. Anyway, it wasn't really bad, just a bit annoying.

I started of with the slab and old route (which climbs quite nicely in spite of it's contrived nature!) and then the boys turned up. we did all of the other easy problems, sooty corner (mmm lovely!), Slaptasm, Andi's traverse (nice traverse, if a bit pointless..), Andi's mantle, chipped wall. Coolboy slap felt really hard for V2 from a true sit-start - looking at GCWs esoterica vid I'm wondering if more of a crouching start relates to the font 5+ grade?? or maybe I'm just crap... We then went over and had a brief look at Feed Me but the amount of moss was really off putting. The same could be said for the rest of the crag, for future visits brushes, secateurs and possibly a saw would be a necessity.

It looks like there's scope for development at Healey Nab and probably some very hard problems. At the grabadabadoo area we climbed a few nice problems not currently documented but nice all the same - the arete to the right of chipped wall using only the arete, and the wall to the left of the chipped wall, both V0+ ish, and probably been done years ago, but hey...

Also I climbed the good slab to the left of the easy slab only using three small crimps and avoiding the big foothold on the right at V1/2. It's only short and a bit eliminate but it's a really nice problem. here's the vid.


  1. You won't be surprised to know those problems have been done before by Healey devotees.
    Coolboy Slap is a sit start, no harder I felt. The reason I did a crouch start that day was I hadn't taken a mat and didn't want to sit in the glass.
    Let me know if you're heading up again.

  2. yeah, under no illusions that these have all been done before, some nice problems though


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