pickpocket direct - a denham sweatfest

I managed to shoot off from work early blaming the heat and the fact that I'd not had more than an hours sleep the previous night. I was not feeling my best and the conditions knew it, they decided to be extra sweaty just to make me feel extra special.

I had arranged to meet GCW for some intended crimp-tastic crushage and expected a beasting. I was on his stomping ground, so wanted to take advantage of the knowledge. I was showed various problems, did a lot of the easy probs before Mr. Wallis arrived, then traversed a bit and then tried the arete to the right of Mohammed - did it in two parts, but like a lot of the problems there it's high and although it's bomber, you kinda feel a bit off balance - anyway I need to finish it off as it's a great juggy problem with good moves so I've added it to the list.

I took a look at Pickpocket direct and got to the good crimp - much better than I thought it looked actually and the moves feel ok - fresh and with a good head on I think it'll go. It felt really highball when I first looked at it, but the more I try it the smaller it seems. I didn't complete it although I put that down to the fact Gareth kept singing Smooth Criminal - he's annoying even when dead, it seems... GCW had a look at Snatch although it was too sweaty really to make any progress, although he still burned me off all of the other problems even with a cack-hand.

We took a look at the area to the left, and snap derision and a few of the other problems - Denham definitely has a few more dedicated bouldering visits left. I've added a couple of easys to the ticklist, as they look like cool problems especially the pond side arete, next Monday is looking like the best time to go next.

Although I'm making progress on various things, it begs the question why am I still not completing them!?