Morning sessions

Brownstones seems to be best in the mornings at this time of the year so I've decided to climb more before work to take advantage. When you walk into the quarry it's fascinating to hear all the warning calls that the birds make when they realise they're not alone. Incidently on the wildlife front I've seen Magpies, Crows, Peewits (lapwings) and wood pigeons and I've not even been twitching properly! Earlier in the year there were ducks and either a Kestrel or other small hawk soaring about. The rock is usually cool in the morning, so I've been working on the Pond traverse - in a couple of half hour sessions I've managed to link from Verdi Corner over to Watery Arete. Last year I managed to link the initial wall so now the pond is dry it's only a matter of time before it goes in it's entirity. The entire traverse gets Font 6c so if it does get crushed it'll be awesome as that's this years target grade. There's no reason why it won't as there are plenty of rests - 15 minutes stood on Mantelstrung then!!

Whilst I was down I did notice that someone has kindly sorted out the jagged rocks on the Pond traverse - it's now a lot flatter and has been consolidated with stone. Not that it was particularly bad in summer, but it makes it a more inviting prospect in the winter. Good work whoever it was!