hutton Proof

Hutton roof is always good for an ego boost, and as Taff hadn't been up there before it was a good choice for the day. We sailed up in the hairdressers car with the roof off, making the hair even more bouffant than usual. Quite fitting really... Weather was boiling hot and too warm to get any meaningful bouldering done anyways so roping was the order of the day. As expected the crag was full of DofE types and beginners all over the shop. the idea was to bust the rope out for mileage as it's been a while since being on the sharp end, but we decided to warm up on a few easy solos - the ropes, suffice to say, never made an appearance something quite liberating about soloing. Plenty of routes, mileage, polish, and mucking about on the overhangs... first VS solo although it's never VS, more highball 5a boulder problem but f*ck it, I'll claim it anyway ;).cracking day had.