Brownstones again

Monday 22.06.09 - Rather poor performance today although conditions were far from ideal - the aim of the day was either boopers or nexus dyno. Got there about ten past five and warmed up at the pond area - decided the only chance I'd have is if I got straight on with it so I cracked on with Boopers - it looks like a good line and was recommended by Mr Wallis last year and i had got as far as the crimps above the break. My first attempt got to the break which was fill of dried mud so I cleaned it out and dropped off - it feels a lot harder than it did last year although as I had only had 2 hours sleep due to the return of insomnia - I was armed with excuses!

I kept going at it and although it felt ok, I still couldn't get to my high point - it will go soon though, I just need to spend more time on it.

GCW arrived and watched me fall off Boopers a couple of times before I decided to give it up - if I couldn't get it after 45mins it wasn't happening - I did a few easy problems, blurt, slab direct, and then headed to Nexus dyno, also on the list.
I'm tantalisingly close, about a centimetre off latching, and if my take off were a bit smoother I think I'd have it but alas, it seemed as though nothing was going down today... threw myself at it about 25 times before giving it up as a bad lot. GCW had no such problems and after a couple of goes he did it smoothly. Once I get the pull flowing a bit better I'll have it nailed.

Then we went down to the Pond area, Gareth showed me the frankly ridiculous I.L.T dyno and we traversed about on the pond traverse a bit, not particularly aiming for anything specific. I'm psyched to nail the pond traverse soon though! By 8:30 the midges were everywhere so it was time to go home...