Tuesday: So I decide to head down to the craglet X that noone goes to, partly because it's close to the in-laws where I'm eventually headed for tea, but also because it offers a bit of solitude when you're climbing craply as I currently appear to be. I try the double cracks and get as far as the sidepull yet again, and down climb - it definitely needs a belayer or at least another mat and a spotter, so I give it up for the moment and do a bit of traversing. I've got quite a good burn routine going: traverse for about 15 moves, step off, wait one minute, repeat. I can do about 7 before arm-doom, but it must be doing some good. Slowly it seems to be coming back. Anyway, I'm about to leave when I realise I've been walking past what looks to be quite a cool dyno,very doubtful it's ever been done before so I give it a go, getting it on about the 5th go - I've called it Undiscovered Dyno, must be more or less V3 ish although I could be wrong and is 164cm... here's the vid: IT was nice to come away with something satisfying.